R̷i̷c̷a̷r̷d̷o̷ ̷E̷i̷z̷i̷r̷i̷k̷

Here and there (2022/23)
Site-adaptable work for ensemble, live-electronics, video and movable audience developed for the Ensemble Ascolta
Duration: 40-60 min

commissioned by ECLAT Festival & Ensemble Ascolta
written for Ensemble Ascolta


The audience enters the space, while a soundscape is playing. They start out sitting in one end of a space while the musicians sit at the furthest most other end of the space. While the ensemble is getting ready to play a video with an “introduction text” is shown contextualising the soundscape, the space, the ensemble and the audience itself and creating a series of connection that start resignifying these relations.

The aim of the piece is to create the experience of a potentialized transformation of an “intellectual reception” of an experimental music performance into an “experiential reception” of the it, where the audience becomes aware of their own individual bodies in relation to: themselves, each other, the performers body and the space.

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