R̷i̷c̷a̷r̷d̷o̷ ̷E̷i̷z̷i̷r̷i̷k̷

re/wind/re/write (fast-forward version) (2014)
for vc & percussion (with found objects)
Duration: ca. 4 min

commissioned and written for UmeDuo

re/wind/re/write (fast-break version)
for perc (or pno), vc & 2 performers with found objects

is a piece derived from childhood memories 1980´s cassette culture. This work is loosely constructed around the four main functions of a cassette recorder: record, play, fast-forward and rewind. The cello is treated as the magnetic tape and its gestures are constantly manipulated in speed and direction. The percussion (or piano and 2 performers) oscillate between adding noise and interference to the "tape" (cello) and mimicking the sounds of this imaginary tape recorder that is controlling the piece.

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