R̷i̷c̷a̷r̷d̷o̷ ̷E̷i̷z̷i̷r̷i̷k̷

junkyard piece III (2020)
for a minimum of 8 perfromers: 6 or more instruments (ad lib.) + percussion & sampler player (possible with & without found objects)
Duration: ca. 9 min
commissioned by KLANG Festival
written for Ensemble Mosaik

junkyard piece IIIb - pocket version
for a minimum of 6 performers: 4 or more instruments (ad lib.) + object-player & sampler player
Duration: ca. 9 min
commissioned by Philharmonie Essen / Festival NOW!
written for Ensemble S201

"junkyard piece III" is the third of an open series of pieces that deal with everyday mechanical forms and processes as well as with the "collision" between the performance of written music and everyday junk/trash/noise.  The basic idea for this piece came out of observing social group behaviour at translations and airports when dealing with escalators and elevators as well as observing the dynamics of musicians learning and rehearsing written music.

„junkyard piece III“ focuses on the mechanization of movement and the association possibilities between movement and sound

junkyard piece I & III can be played together as one ca.18 min piece.

(images and video will be added soon ...)

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