R̷i̷c̷a̷r̷d̷o̷ ̷E̷i̷z̷i̷r̷i̷k̷

Looking Out Into a Room (2022)
Site-specific scenographic concert format with an ever changing repertoire developed for the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Duration: 60-90 min

commissioned by Sommer in Stuttgart
written for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart


„Looking Out Into a Room“ is a concept for a dynamic concert format developed for the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart where everything in the concert space is simultaneously seen as potentially scenography, performer and/or spectator, including the musicians and the audience.
Musicians, objects used for the pieces and the audience are constantly in 1movement, changing positions and changing perspectives throughout the concert. Constantly changing roles between observer and observed. Re-signifying not only what it means to be an audience member or a musicians but also what it means to be in a concert space itself.
„looking out into a room“ is planned as an organic evolving concert format that can adapt to different concert spaces and different concert programs.

2022 - Sommer in Stuttgart / Theaterhaus
In it´s first iteration (developed for the Theaterhaus Stuttgart) the audience is separated into 2 groups (in situ and virtual). Each one of wich experience a slightly different versions of the concert. The in situ audience, as well as the musicians move through different stations in the concert space throughout the concert in a kind of group choreography. While constantly shifting places, roles and dynamics shift turning everything and everybody into active performing parts. This constant changing and moving in the space generates a new experience and consciousness of the music presented during the concert, as well as a new experience in self-awareness when participating in a performatic room.The virtual audience gets to experience everybody and everything inside this performatic room as performers in a bigger group narrative.

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